Make sure the important decisions about your estate remain in your own hands and have the final word on how your property and assets are distributed. Also ensure that children are provided for, and make it as easy as possible on your loved ones when you pass.

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Introducing BetterSure Wills.

Life is unexpected! We cannot always guarantee that the tasks we set for tomorrow are the tasks that we will accomplish. And neither can we guarantee that we will still be here to provide for and support our families.

Just like the new home you have just bought, or are about to buy, surely, like all of us, you would like to guarantee that your family will be able to continue living in your home, should the unforeseeable happen and you pass away.

In partnership with Capital Legacy

In partnership with Capital Legacy

Bettersure Financial Consultants can help you to protect your legacy with a complimentary Will through Capital Legacy, the leading last WILL and TESTAMENT provider in south Africa.

BetterSure Financial Consultants can arrange a meeting with one of Capital Legacy’s specialised consultants to draft your Will, at no cost. You can send your finalised Will to be kept safe and secure in the Capital Legacy Wills vault, also at no cost.

Further to this, when you meet with the Capital Legacy consultant, they will calculate the legal fees and expenses specific to your Estate. With this information, you can make an informed decision about providing for the unavoidable legal fees and expenses incurred at the time of your death. Through the Legacy Protection Plan™, you can provide for these fees and ensure that the legacy you leave to your loved ones will remain intact.

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