About Us

About Us

At BetterBond, we want the dream of owning a home to be a reality for everyone. And so, our mission each day is to create better lives for all South Africans by making their dreams of homeownership come true. We build the #1 home loan brand in South Africa and secure the best home loans by providing innovative products and solutions to our clients and industry partners. We make the homebuying journey a dream experience through technology and investing in our people. We have strong, long-standing industry partnerships with our broad network of real estate companies, property practitioners and all the major banks. These partnerships enable us to deliver highly competitive home loans that empower our clients to become homeowners for the first time.

Giving back

Every successful BetterBond home loan represents a contribution to Khaya Lam, our non-profit partners who secure title deeds for South Africans who've lived in their homes for decades or generations, without being able to call it their own. BetterBond has contributed significantly to our parent company, BetterHome Group, handing over more than 700 title deeds, to date. These residents can now call the places where they live ‘khaya lam’ – my home. Watch this video to see how homeownership changes lives for the better.


Underprivileged South Africans have become proud homeowners

Home is where our heart is

Being in the business of ‘home’ puts BetterBond in a privileged position to help those less fortunate than us. Our non-profit partners, Khaya Lam, help us bring this dream to life.

‘With this title deed, I am now 100% sure about the place – this place belongs to me.’
- Vincent Ramoliki, who built his house 30 years ago.

SA’s largest bond originator

Since it was founded in 2000, BetterBond has grown to become the largest bond originator in South Africa, with specialist experience in the property industry and more than 20 branches nationwide supporting our real estate partners and customers.

We take special pride in assisting first-time buyers to realise their dreams of homeownership, by offering expert assistance and support at every step of the home loan application process.

More than a million South Africans have become homeowners thanks to our services and our approval rates are industry leading.

SA’s largest bond originator
Keen to give back?

Keen to give back?

A donation of just R2 500 gives a family in a municipal rental home in a poor community an asset of at least R100 000. They can use this to secure a loan, upgrade their property, start a business or fund their children’s education.

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