Compare multiple bank offers and get the best home loan deal! 

We submit your application to multiple banks – including your own – on your behalf, and at no cost to you. Better, right?

Our name says it all. 

At BetterBond, we know that a better bond means a better life for you, and for your loved ones.  

And what makes a bond better? A lower interest rate for starters, which could mean hundreds and thousands of rands in savings over your bond term. In our experience, when you compare multiple bank offers side-by-side, their interest rates typically vary by 0.5% – sometimes more – so shopping around will ensure the banks compete for your deal.  

Use this interest rate slider to see how much a better rate
could save you:

Simply slide to the bond amount you are applying for, to see how much a potential variance of 0,5% in interest rate could mean in rand value.

Bond amount

You could save: R
* Based on prime rate of 10% and a bond term over 20 years.

As South Africa’s biggest bond originator, we’ve helped more than 1 million South African families on their journey to owning a home.

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