Personal Loans

Need a personal loan?

Compare competitive personal loan options and choose the one that is best for you.

Find out how much you could qualify for.


Check if you qualify for a personal loan?

Please answer the questions below to see whether you qualify and help us determine the best loan options for you.

Do you earn R3 500 or more per month?

Are you 18 years or older?

Are you a South African citizen, with a valid South African barcoded ID?

Do you have a South African bank account into which your monthly salary is paid?

How to use your personal loan

You can use it for bond registration or transfer fees, home renovations, unforeseen or personal expenses.


Unforeseen expenses

A personal loan can help you clear unexpected financial hurdles that you were not able to plan or budget for.


Homebuying costs

A personal loan can help make your dream of homeownership come true by covering bond registration or transfer fees, the costs of moving, or other expenses related to your new home.


Home improvements

A personal loan can be used for maintenance or improvements to your property, increasing the value of your biggest asset.

How it works

The value of a personal loan could be up to R350 000.

Repayment terms vary from 3 to 72 months.

The interest rate will depend on your affordability and personal credit profile.

If your personal loan application is successful, the funds will be paid directly into your bank account.

Payment could take place within 24 hours, but please bear in mind that disbursement periods vary.


How to apply


Click the link below to get started.


Provide the necessary details so that we can give you the best choice of loan offers.


You will see multiple loan offers and you can choose the one that's best for you.


Complete the simple online application to apply for the personal loan of your choice.


A loans expert will be in touch to take you through the process.

Any questions?

Any questions?

Find answers to all your questions around buying a property, affordability and more.

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