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Documents required for a building loan

Documents required for a building loan

Documents required for a building loan

Use this list to make sure that you put together everything you need for a successful building loan application. As soon as you've compiled these documents, the process could not be simpler. You supply the information and we take care of the rest. Your project will be in safe hands from start to beautiful finish.

  • Salary slips. Three or six months' salary slips, depending on your type of employment, used to calculate your monthly income.
  • Bank statements. Three months' statements, to verify your income and confirm your monthly expenses.
  • Building plans. Your plans don't have to be approved yet, at this stage (submission), but you will need to include the plan and specifications of the building work, including an indication of what it will look like upon completion.
  • Schedule of finishes. A list of the materials that will be used for in all the rooms and spaces, and on the floors.
  • NHBRC certificate: The National Home Builders Registration Council certificate, proving that your builder is registered with the NHBRC, and qualified to build the kind of property you have planned.
  • Building contract. Your agreement with your builder, setting out the scope and terms of work for your project.
  • Building quote. A document from your builder that sets out cost estimates for the work to be done.
  • Waiver of builder's lien. A written agreement between you and your builder, where the builder gives up the right to place a builder's lien on your property, retaining possession of it in the event that there is a dispute over unpaid costs.

As soon as you have these ready, we'll be here to finalise and submit your building loan to the banks. Let us help you build your dream home!

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