First time buyer?

We'll get you the best deal on your bond and if you qualify for the Help Me Buy a Home Subsidy, we'll help you with your subsidy too. Before we can apply for your Help Me Buy a Home Subsidy, your bond must be approved.

What is the Help Me Buy a Home Subsidy?

If you earn a gross monthly household income between R 3,501 and R 22,000 you may be able to enter the property market thanks to the Government's Help Me Buy a Home program (previously known as FLISP).It's a subsidy provided by the Department of Human Settlements to financially assist first time buyers enter the property market and realise their dreams of owning their very own home.


Let's check how much your subsidy could be?

Select your gross household monthly income:

3 ways to use a FLISP subsidy


Cover the shortfall between your home loan amount and the purchase price.

Payment will be made into the transferring attorney's trust account when they are ready to lodge the transfer documents for your home loan. This means you can apply for a smaller home loan, which makes your monthly repayments more affordable.


Cover the attorney fees related to your homeloan.

Payment is made directly into the transferring attorneys' trust account.


Reduce the balance of your home loan.

Payment is made directly into your home loan account upon registration of the bond, reducing the outstanding balance on your home loan so that you can repay it later.


What is First Home Finance Subsidy?

How do I qualify for it?

How is the subsidy amount calculated?

Do I need bond approval from a bank to qualify for the subsidy?

Can I still benefit from the subsidy if my home has already registered?

Is there a limit on the bond that I can get if I apply for the subsidy as well?

What can I use the subsidy for?

Will the money from the subsidy be paid out to me directly?

What is the cost for BetterBond to facilitate my subsidy application?

What’s next?

Find the home you want to buy

Apply for a bond right here on our website

Once granted, we’ll work with you to prepare your subsidy application.

We’ll capture it into the NHFC system for you

We will follow it up regularly and advise you of the outcome

Once your bond registers, we’ll follow up with the NHDC so that your subsidy is paid out quickly


What our customers say

Megan W

BetterBond got me a great deal on my first home loan and they've done it again!

Anke W

BetterBond is absolutely amazing. Made pre-approval fast and easy. Look forward to working with them on finding our dream home.

H Botha

Patient. Friendly. Professional. Clear and concise communication and outcome management. This is what service should look like!

Any questions?

Any questions?

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