Solar made simple

BetterBond and Hohm Energy will find and finance the best solar solution for your new home.

BetterBond & Hohm Energy - your solar partners

We've got you covered every step of the solar way - from identifying the right solution for your needs and budget, to installation and maintenance over time.

There are many good reasons to go solar.


Cost Savings.

Save up to 80% on your monthly electricity bills.


Energy supply

You get to enjoy reliable electricity and freedom from loadshedding.


Property value

A solar installation increases the value of your property over time, and a sustainable energy supply is among the top things homebuyers look for.



You don't have to go completely off-grid right away. You have the choice of supplementing your regular electricity supply and adding to your solar solution over time.



Solar energy is a sustainable energy source, making it better for the environment than using electricity generated from burning coal, and helping you reduce your carbon footprint..

Our partner - Hohm Energy

Hohm Energy is South Africa's first solar market platform, aiming to make solar easy and achievable.

You will be assigned a dedicated Hohm Energy Advisor, who will streamline the entire process for you - from finding
the best solution for your needs and budget, to overseeing installation, and taking care of maintenance over time

Hohm Energy offers a warranty on all their installations, plus optional post-installation insurance and maintenance
plans for complete peace of mind.

With BetterBond and Hohm Energy, your home could not be in better hands

How to apply

Why finance solar through BetterBond?

How it works


Find out how much you can afford.

Get a BetterBond Home Loan Pre-approval (recommended but not required)


Send us your signed Offer to Purchase.

When you send your OTPs to us, be sure to mention that solar finance must be included in your home loan, and we will discuss the options with you.


Choose the best bond.

We will bring you home loan offers from the different banks and you can choose the best bond deal for your budget.


Get a solar quote.

As soon as your bond is approved, you will receive a unique link to the Hohm Energy website and a personalised indicative solar quotation will be generated to you, within minutes.


Site visit.

Hohm Energy will arrange a visit to your new property to finalise the details of your solar installation.


Submit solar quote to BetterBond.

Send your signed solar quote to your BetterBond Home Loan Consultant.



When your bond registers, and Hohm Energy has received confirmation of payment, your solar installation will be scheduled, and you can start enjoying the benefits of reliable energy.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about solar.

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How will solar impact the value of my home?

What is the average cost of a full off grid solar solution?

How long does it take to install a solar solution?

Can I switch solar on and off?

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