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Our completely FREE, no strings attached pre-approval process puts you in a better position to buy a home, saving you time and trouble. Send us all the required documents, and we'll assess your finances, do a quick credit check and issue you with a Pre-approval Certificate – all within 24 hours.


Compliment of the month

I would like to commend Mr Frik De Wit for the exceptional service that he has given to us.

When we first approached him as per referral from a friend of ours (who was also previously assisted by this selfless gentleman and was in awe of how helpful Frik was to her). We may not have been successful when we first applied for the bond approval due to credit related issues.

Frik could have easily dismissed and taken us for time wasters or chancers but he did not do that. He instead gave us advise on how to best improve our chances of qualifying for a bond in addition to giving us free financial advice.

It is solely due to him and no one else that we have finally been successful in securing a bond, we will soon refer to as home. This has been a whirlwind of a journey and throughout this journey Frik never ceased having time for us, he continued entertaining our emails and responding to them in a timeous manner too.

Some agents are not as patient nor as kind as Frik; they do not even bother assisting you the moment they realise that your credit rating is not good or is bad; they also do not bother explaining how you can go about improving your credit rating and subsequently your chances of getting bond approval.

I have recommended colleagues, friends and family to Frik De Wit and will continue to do that. You have a gem of an employee in Frik!

C Kubeka

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