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Buying a home can be very exciting, but it can also be very daunting. Let our expert consultants set your mind at ease and make the whole process simpler, better for you.

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Compliment of the month

I just would like to say a “Big Thank You” to one of the staff members at BetterBond Princess Ntila.

From the word go when she assisted us with our query till the final story of dealing with BetterBond with the purchase of our new house. What a Gem Princess are for BetterBond, if it was not for her wonderful service and walking the extra mile in assisting us we would have gone somewhere else.

To me dealing with customers and the way you deal with them today is of utmost importance because if you don’t treat them with special care you will lose customers at the end of the day and without customers you can close the business.

I saw at the bottom of her signature was to rate her service through Hellopeter and to me it is so ancient and I haven’t got the time to go and log in and do the rating. I’ve decided rather to put it in writing and send via mail.

Please could you say thank you from myself and my husband to Princess for providing excellent service and also always with a smile on her face ☺️

Look after her because she is an asset for BetterBond.

She was very helpful and friendly in every word.

Job well done Princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belinda B
February 2019

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