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Compliment of the month

In the current situation that we are generally finding ourselves in today, where time and peace is a luxury and not enjoyed by many, and where problem makers are all too common and normally caused by people that are self-centred lazy, selfish, and thieves for deliberately going out of the way to steal the little joy that we try to hold onto.

This is fortunately not what I experienced from Stephanie Jansen van Vuuren. This lady, that I have only but briefly met with once, proved to be bigger than a whole team of people working against her.

This lady Stephanie, stood up for me and my family when we didn’t know how to, nor how to act, react, be positive nor continue to persist against the obstacles that a team of industry specialists kept putting in front of us when it was to be a straight forward application.

This lady’s persistence, with her self-driven, determined, self-motivated, honest, ethical spirit is one to be truly admired and cherished. It’s truly rare to find.

I will always be thanking Stephanie every time i look or walk in in my home, for making it possible for me to provide my family not just with a roof over their heads, but with their dream home.

For the last four years hearing my daughter asking her dad “When will i have my own room again” and my wife wishing she had her own house, was a pain stacking period for me.

It emotionally and mentally drained me. Stephanie stood up when i couldn’t, Stephanie persisted when i was tired, Stephanie didn't give up even long after I had given up.


I will without a doubt be referring people to you for as long as I can fine people looking for a home.

Marvel M
March 2019