What drives us to be better every day?

Who we are

At BetterBond, we know that a better bond means a better life for you, and for your loved ones.
Each time one of our clients secures a title deed, it's cause for real celebration. And by choosing BetterBond, it gives us cause for a double celebration! Because with every new bond, we make it better for those less fortunate than us - and that, really, is why we do what we do.

Help us turn ONE bond into TWO homes

With every new bond we register, we turn a tract of land into a title deed.

With every new bond we register, we have a chance to make a difference in the lives of the dispossessed. With BetterBond, your bond could bring home someone less fortunate, to a place they can truly call their own.

When you finally hold your title deed in your hands, you are giving someone in the Khaya Lam Initiative a chance to do the same.


What is Khaya Lam?

Khaya Lam, quite simply, means 'my home'. So much is loaded into this phrase: It is the root of what makes us human. It is the honouring of the basic human right to shelter and security, through the pursuit and protection of property rights.

Our objective each year is to secure full freehold title for members of the Ngwathe community in the Free State, at no cost to the lawful residents. But this is just the beginning. The Khaya Lam Initiative is also unfolding right across South Africa.

For a mere R2 500, we can place a title deed in the hands of the landless, and you can help us with any donation - no matter how big or small - every bit helps! With your and BetterBond,s ongoing contribution, we will continue to make lives better all along the way.

Your home gives you a better start in life. Pay the 'better' forward, and bring it home for another family less fortunate than your own.

Donate today through the Betterlife Foundation NPC

If you would like to personally play a very special role in the lives of another family, by committing to a contribution of your own, no matter how big or small, we invite you to donate today through the BetterLife Foundation.

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