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M is for maintenance

M is for maintenance

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There are many benefits and freedoms that come with owning a place of your own. Of course, it also comes with responsibilities and this includes regular upkeep. Even if you're not a super-keen DIYer, it still pays to stay on top of home maintenance and repairs. Here's why...

1. Enhance your lifestyle

Your home must be a haven where you can unwind, relax and recharge. Minor things that are out of order dripping taps, squeaky door hinges, windows that don't shut or cupboards that can't close properly can really eat away at the comfort and enjoyment that you get from your home every day. These things are often surprisingly quick and easy to fix, but they fall by the wayside when we get busy or feel tired. You don't have to devote every weekend to it, but set aside a few hours a month to stay on top of these small fixes. Tackling them on a timely basis means not having to worry about them and gaining the enjoyment of a well-maintained home that you can share with family and friends.

2. Save money

By sorting out repairs before they become big issues, you can avoid some costly problems in future. For example, if you don't remove leaves and twigs before they clog up your gutters, you could be in for some serious water damage once the rains come. Not having an electrical fault seen to could cause far greater problems, including fire. So, always keep in mind the knock-on effect of not doing something, and see to it sooner rather than later.

3. Protect your investment

Looking after your home now pays off over time because it increases the resale value of your property when it comes time to sell. Even if you intend staying in the home for a long time, it is worth bearing this in mind. Potential buyers tend to take into account the costs of repairing or renovating a place when they put in their Offer to Purchase. They're likely to pay more for a property that's well looked after, whereas they'll want to negotiate on price if the place needs work. It's well worth maintaining your property to ensure that your asset increases in value over time

4. Boost security

Maintaining your home's safety features should always be a priority when you're a homeowner. The last thing you want to worry about when you go to bed at night, is whether your property is safe and secure. Action any necessary repairs promptly and you can enjoy peace of mind.Keep an eye on physical features like safety gates and burglar bars to ensure that they are always fit for purpose. If there is an alarm system, sensors, beams, an electric fence, safety cameras, etc. make sure that these are regularly tested and serviced by professional technicians. Make provision for backup batteries and remember to have them checked too. A well-maintained home is a pleasure to live in and a good financial investment. Make sure yours is always in good shape and you can look forward to happy days!

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