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Our completely FREE, ‘no strings attached’ pre-qualification process puts you in a better position to buy a home, saving you time and trouble. Send us all the required documents, and we’ll assess your finances, do a quick credit check and issue you with a Pre-Qualification Certificate – all within 24 hours.

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No matter what you call it, we’ll help you get there. We aim to make it easier, simpler and better for you to get a bond.

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Compliment of the week

"Words cannot describe the dedication, meticulous care and passion with which Magda Stricker, afforded her services and those of BetterBond to Shirallee and myself. Even the personal interest shown after the misfortune of my wife’s accident.
Leaving no stoned unturned Magda undertakes that which she does relentlessly.

This has been a very challenging journey with few if any bumps all thanks to Magda.
Magda came referred to as a ‘Ninja’ which I now can relate to.

It is without a doubt that we will very gladly recommend BetterBond and in person Magda.
A huge thank you for paving this journey and all the guidance so willingly rendered.

Mark and Shirallee E

October 2018

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