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Compliment of the month

Magda has quite simply been nothing short of amazing, in every way. We have never received such excellent service from anyone, and for two people who are themselves in the service industry, this was an eye-opener for us.


She constantly kept us up to date on the progress of our application. I would’ve personally been happy with an update once, maybe twice a week. She, however, called me every day before close of business, without fail. She sometimes called me more than once a day if there were any further developments.


With my unique case (commission earner and staff rates; my wife self-employed) she was so knowledgeable and experienced that she did better at assisting us than anyone at the bank has ever been able to do. It was very reassuring to have her deal with our case and we will most certainly use her in the future, as well as recommend her to anyone who might be in the market for a home.

Conrad and Chantel B

October 2018

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