09 Apr 2020

While it’s too soon to make accurate predictions on what the impact of the national lockdown and the global Covid-19 pandemic will have on the property market, it is sure to disrupt the industry one way or another.

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06 Apr 2020

The home-buying journey can sometimes seem endless. If you’re with a bond originator like BetterBond, you’ll have someone to hold your hand along the way but, at some point, the attorneys will step in – and things could get a tad intimidating.

30 Mar 2020

Most of us are eternal optimists – we hope to lead a trouble-free life, and we don’t usually go around courting disaster. But insurers tend to know better. They know that, well, stuff happens, and that we just can’t predict what tomorrow will bring.

27 Mar 2020

In accordance with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s directive, the country went into lockdown at 23:59 last night. We believe this to be the right thing to do to curb the spread of the coronavirus and mitigate the economic impact that will invariably result.

23 Mar 2020

The bond origination industry has put billions of rands back into homebuyers' pockets since it started up in SA almost 20 years ago. And it still continues to cut down the cost of homeownership...

19 Mar 2020

The announcement by the South African Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee earlier today that the repo rate is going down by 100 basis points from 6.25% to 5.25%, following January’s...

13 Mar 2020

How much the bank will lend you is not the only cost to consider when you’re applying for a home loan. Here’s some help with those ‘hidden’ costs.

06 Mar 2020

No, LTV is not teen talk or millennial code for 'Let Them Vote' or 'Live Those Values'. It's home loan speak for the loan-to-value ratio. Need to make sense of this technical term? Here's how.

02 Mar 2020

You've found a property you like, you've worked out the finances, and you're ready to put in an offer. So, what happens next?

24 Feb 2020

The interest rate is one of the biggest considerations when buying a home. It determines your minimum monthly repayments, so it impacts your cashflow and could be a dealbreaker in terms of affordability.

17 Feb 2020

When buying that first home, find one that's a fit for your lifestyle and that gives you loads of room to grow.

Showing 1 to 10 of 71 items