16 Jan 2020

The announcement by the South African Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee today that the repo rate will go down by 25 basis points from 6.5% to 6.25%, and the prime lending rate and home loan “base rate” to 9,75%, is great news for the economy ...

10 Nov 2019

The incidence of identity theft continues to grow globally. And increased awareness and efforts to fight it don’t seem to be doing much to deter those cunning cybercriminals. It’s one of the...

09 Nov 2019

Most of us can’t afford to haul out cash for our homes – we have to rely on home loans that can cost us up to 30% of our monthly income in repayments. It’s no wonder that we’re eager to be...

08 Nov 2019

The bond origination industry has put billions of rands back into homebuyers’ pockets since it started up in SA almost 20 years ago. And it still continues to cut down the cost of homeownership...

07 Nov 2019

Shopping for a new home before you shop for a home loan is a bit like eating pudding before your main meal – it’s sublimely sweet for a moment, but it’s likely to leave you with a lasting belly ache.

06 Nov 2019

Townhouse living is a growing trend, especially for next-gen buyers who want the freedom, community and security that this lifestyle delivers. Here’s how to take that townhouse dream to the next level.

05 Nov 2019

Cutting down your bond term could save you a small fortune. But it takes careful planning and considerable mastery of your finances to do so. It’s difficult – but not impossible!

04 Nov 2019

You’re a first-time buyer and you need to find a way forward. But there are so many home loan options on offer that you’re struggling to make sense of them, never mind choose one! We’ll help you hunt down the offer that works best for you.

03 Nov 2019

You’re pre-qualified for a bond, you’ve spent weeks visiting showhouses, read a ton of advice on where, when and how to purchase, and you still can’t bring yourself to sign an offer to purchase. Sounds familiar? You may have what agents call...

02 Nov 2019

There’s a growing trend in South Africa towards home loan pre-qualification, with both buyers and sellers placing far more prominence on financial preparedness. ‘Pre-what?’ you ask?

25 Oct 2019

Moving house is notoriously expensive – not to say stressful! But the average person will probably have to move house a good few times in their life, so it’s worth learning how to save money – and maybe even make some! – with these top relocation tips.