BetterBond - BetterBond App.

BetterBond App.

Download our BetterBond App

Great for when you are out house hunting with your clients.


If you are an Estate Agent and would like to register for BetterRewards, please download the App and use the contact form to apply.

BetterBond - BetterBond Mobile App

BetterBond Mobile App

All our calculators are available in one easy-to-use app for your convenience. Great for when you are out house hunting.


Bond Affordability Calculator

Find out what home loan you can afford based on your income.


3-in-1 Bond Calculator

Calculate your Home Loan repayments, bond and transfer costs and your potential savings if you make additional monthly Home Loan repayments.


Comparitive Bond Options

View the possible Home Loan options your bank may be able to offer you based on the minimum loan amount you could qualify for. You can also compare offers that other banks may be willing to give you based on the same criteria.



Allows our Estate Agents, Principals and Developers to sign in to their personal BetterBond Rewards Programme with great ease and convenience. BetterRewards members can view current balance as well as access to our quick credit check.

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