Owning a home just got easier, simpler, better.

Your home is your BIGGEST investment – so, we shop around to ensure we get you the BEST deal on your home loan at no cost to you.

What drives us to be better every day?

It’s knowing that by helping people find a home to call their own, we’re changing lives and making a difference – one title deed at a time.

At BetterBond, we know that a better bond means a better life for you, and for your loved ones. That’s why we’ll go to ridiculous lengths to make the business of buying a home that much better.

Because we know just what a home means to you – it’s a place to belong, a place to sink roots and set foundations, to make enduring memories and nurture your dreams. And it gives us such pleasure to be part of the process that helped you find your perfect home.

Our history

Our journey began in 2000, when bond origination was relatively unheard of in SA.

But founder Rudi Botha had a vision – to place the customer at the heart of the home-buying journey.

Merging with PA Home Loans in 2003, BetterBond Home Loans became a force to be reckoned with.

The company survived a devastating global recession in 2008 and proceeded to grow from strength to strength. During our 18 years of existence we have helped hundreds of thousands of South Africans realise their dream of home ownership.

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