The BetterLife Group.

About the BetterLife Group

In 1983, the Property Association was formed when a group of estate agents collaborated to purchase bulk advertising space in the Saturday Star newspaper.

 The association grew steadily and provided free support services to its membership of over 10 0000 estate agents.

The BetterLife Group Ltd was formed in 1992 to look after the business interests of the Property Association. Shares were sold to all interested members of the Property Association at the time. This was repeated in 1993 when the Property Association sold its remaining shares in the BetterLife Group to its own members. At present, over 300 individuals and companies own all BetterLife Group Ltd’s shares.


Our BetterLife way

We want to build a world-leading home services business by making the home journey an amazing experience.

In the process we will change lives for the better and make dreams come true.

Our BetterLife vision

To build our Dream with the ‘right’ people.

To inspire through awesome service, always.

To recognise and reward.

To proudly live our brand.

To make a difference, every day!