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June 2012: Growing Fan Club for BetterRewards

Estate agents and property developers are responding extremely positively to BetterRewards, the new incentive programme that awards them points for processing home loan applications through BetterBond that they can then exchange for a wide range of goods and services.

In a recent survey to establish their level of satisfaction since joining the programme, 98% of respondents said, for example, that they found the registration process simple and easy to understand, while 95% said they found the catalogue of rewards on offer “sufficient or entirely sufficient”.

The survey also revealed a high level of involvement in the programme, with 91% of the new members revealing that they had already used the BetterRewards website ( and 89% responding that they had been able to find all the information they required.

As the programme is so new, only 6% of respondents to the survey had accumulated enough points to “shop” for catalogue product or services, but every single one said they had found the check-out process efficient, received their products on time and were entirely satisfied with those products.

The way the programme works is that agents and developers are awarded points every time they submit a home loan application through BetterBond and it is then registered in the Deeds Office. These points are put into the programme member’s account and can be claimed and exchanged for rewards from the catalogue a month after registration – or accumulated for bigger rewards.

When they join the programme, each member is placed into a participant category depending on how many home loans they have generated in the past 12 months, and this becomes the base category from which they earn points in the programme.

For example, the diamond level is for those who have generated 12 or more bonds in the past year, and these members will earn 7500 points for every R1m of registered bond business placed through BetterBond, as well as 1000 bonus points for every qualified offer to purchase submitted.

“The programme has been specifically designed to reward agents and developers for their loyalty to our company and their hard work,” says BetterBond CEO Rudi Botha. “We recognise that they are an integral part of our business success and this is our way of thanking them.”

What is more, he points out, there are currently over 5000 excellent lifestyle products and services to choose from in the BetterRewards catalogue, making this one of the best incentive programmes around.

“We have even made it possible for those who would like to attend the National Association of Realtors conference in San Francisco next year to “pay” for their trip with their accumulated points.”

Other reward possibilities for those who want to

improve their skills and business range from agent training courses from leading trainers such as iSeleSele and Margaret Nicol and full colour advertisements in the Property Junction national magazine, through to style, colour, wardrobe and shopping consultations with a Chato Romano image consultant.

At the other end of the scale, those who thrive on adventure can exchange points for skydiving experiences, canopy tours, quad biking in the bush, elephant encounters and even flying lessons, and in-between there are thousands of options for those who want to create a luxury lifestyle for themselves and their families, or take a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

And the excitement is mounting as more members start to realise what the programme could mean to them, as revealed by some of the comments appended to the recent survey responses, such as: “Keep on rewarding hard workers and you will have their confidence forever”, or simply “We love this new programme, thank you!”

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